The Band

  • Kevin, The Dad ~ Lead Vocals
  • The Lady ~ Income, Budget, Vocals
  • Doodlebug, Six Year Old Daughter ~ Vocals, Big Yellow Horn, Magic Wand Guitar
  • The Little Man, Four Year Old Son ~ Alligator Piano, Various Percussion, Ear Tubes
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Sunday, February 10, 2008


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I may have to download that Hancock album. Sounds good.

Can you please call Dawn and try to get her to understand that the Foo Fighters are a quality band? While you're at it maybe you could explain to me why Kanye West is so popular. I'm not a rap fan at all but in most cases I can see why some rappers are popular. I've never seen this with Kanye West, yet he wins every award out there. I just don't get that one.

A nice review of the Grammys. It was a trip down Memory Lane if you're middle aged. Like me.

Love the Foo Fighters...

I think Alicia Keys did a pretty decent job. I stopped reading when she came one. Foo Fighters--ROCKED. No mention about the Cirque de Soile/Beatles thing? That flying lady had some guns!

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